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You may have heard some disgusting stories before, but have you heard the world’s most disgusting story ever? It has a brave heroine, a dastardly villain and ghastly multitude of smelly, sticky, gooey, gross, foul and generally repugnant things. This story is not for the weak of heart - or the weak of stomach. Continue at your own peril!

Cover art by Shan McFadden, music courtesy of The New York Brass

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For Parents and Teachers

To determine if The World's Most Disgusting Story Ever! is right for your child, consider the following content.
(Caution: Spoiler Alert!)

  • the story's villain is very insulting and disrespectful
  • both the hero and the villain face moments of comic peril
  • this story contains lots of smelly humour including references to vomit and cow manure

Topics to discuss with children:

  • Have you ever had to do 'the right thing', even when it was really difficult?
  • What's the most disgusting thing you've ever seen/smelled/tasted?