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I have stories about monsters, and cowboys and super-heroes. I have stories about princesses, zombies, gorillas, pirates and I even have stories about yucky disgusting things that are sure to make you laugh and giggle!

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Dont miss my latest story: Karate-Chop Cop #1

Parents and Teachers: Each audiobook has its own 'content guide', to help you determine if the story is appropriate for your children. There are also topics to discuss with your child to see what their point-of-view is on various subjects within the story.

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In March of 2017, I had the privilege of writing and directing the play "Tabitha and the Almost Impossible Quest" for Funfolk Theatricals of Millbrook.

Download Tabitha and the Almost Impossible Quest free audiobooks for kids

I've adapted the stage script into a companion  audio book, which you can download for free or listen to online.

Join the adventure with Tabitha and the Almost Impossible Quest


The Earth Girl and Space Captain Series

Download Earth Girl and Space Caption free audiobook series for kids

Blast off for adventure with this sci-fi/comedy audio book series for kids!

When an earth girl named Lily is mistaken for a deadly assassin, she begins an intergalactic adventure that includes aliens, spaceships and the most mysterious force in the universe - the Great Cosmic Wowee. Alongside the volatile Captain Cooper Stylus and his birdlike first mate Thlaylee, Lily plunges headlong into danger, mystery and the unknown in this ongoing series.

Bookmark the series playlist and watch for more episodes coming soon!



The Gorilla on the Boat Free Children's AudioBook by Shan McFadden

Earth Girl and Space Captain Episode 2 - The Last Binkertoot Free Children's AudioBook by Shan McFadden

Tabitha and the Almost Impossible Quest Free Children's AudioBook

The Very Proper Princess and the Horrendous Poot  Free Children's AudioBook

Peter Pigchild  Free Children's AudioBook

Sometimes The Sandman Gets Sleepy Too  Free Children's AudioBook

Karate-Chop Cop #1 Free Children's AudioBook