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The Very Proper Princess and the Horrendous Poot

This is a story about a very proper princess, who was as lovely and as delicate as a flower, and who’s fine manners and refined etiquette were known all throughout her kingdom.

But this is also the story of a HORRENDOUS POOT - although, to call it a poot is an understatement of almost criminal proportions. Because it wasn't a poot, not really. In fact, it was something much, much worse.

Find out what happens when when an embarrassing situation leads to a terrible misunderstanding, which leads to all-out hilarity, bad manners, chaos and fun!

Cover art by Niki McFadden, music by The New York Brass

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For Parents and Teachers

To determine if The Very Proper Princess and the Horrendous Poot is right for your child, consider the following content.
(Caution: Spoiler Alert!)

  • the Chief Inquisitor has a very loud, angry voice;
  • a man is dragged away, kicking and screaming and thrown into a dark dungeon;
  • this story contains a LOT of smelly humour including many references to flatulence

Topics to discuss with children:

  • Have you ever been too embarrassed to tell the truth when you did something wrong?
  • What could Austeria have done to prevent Ronnie from being imprisoned?