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I have a dog named Henry. Whenever I take Henry for a walk, everyone pays attention to him and no one pays attention to me. But with Henry's help, I find a way to make sure that I get ALL of the attention! Find out what happens when things get super-silly in this hilarious misadventure.

Cover art by Niki McFadden, music courtesy of The New York Brass

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For Parents and Teachers

To determine if My Dog Is Too Popular! is right for your child, consider the following content.
(Caution: Spoiler Alert!)

  • a group of old ladies threaten to hit a character with their handbags
  • this story contains a bit of smelly humour with a brief reference to 'poop'

Topics to discuss with children:

  • Did you ever feel jealous because someone was getting more attention than you were?
  • If the two main characters had gone to the restaurant on their 'second walk', what do you think might have happened?