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Earth Girl and Space Captain, Episode 2: The Last Binkertoot

(If you’re new to the Earth Girl and Space Captain series, be sure to check out Episode #1 first)

In the second episode of the Earth Girl and Space Captain series, Lily brings her mysterious new pet to the Captain for examination.  But when the creature is revealed to be a dangerous, near-extinct species, Lily, the Captain and his crew are thrown headlong into the path of deadly peril and treacherous new enemies.

Written and read by Shan McFadden
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For Parents and Teachers

To determine if Earth Girl and Space Captain Ep. 2 - The Last Binkertoot is right for your child, consider the following content.
(Caution: Spoiler Alert!)

  • This story has multiple instances of tension and peril but all of the characters survive with only very minor injuries.
  • A character is momentarily swallowed by a monster but manages to extract himself from the creature's mouth unharmed.
  • The antagonist of the story is a large disembodied eye encased within a floating hovercraft. This imagery may be frightening to some children.
  • Two small, furry aliens are frightened and seemingly in pain but neither suffer any serious injuries.

Topics to discuss with children:

  • Do you have a pet?  Have you ever wondered if your pet has a mysterious secret?
  • Do you think Professor Rooway is a good or evil?  Do you feel sorry for him?  Why?