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Aimed at a slightly older audience, 'Un-frighteningly Bad Ghost Stories' tells tales of suspense in which the tension builds to a decidedly silly finale.

Volume 1 features three stories: "Granny Smith and the Sinister Thump", "Revenge of the Two-Headed Man-Eating Cow" and "The Three Cakes of Edgar Delacorte". If you prefer your ghost story with an 'un-frightening' ending, then this not-so-spooky series is for you!

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For Parents and Teachers

To determine if Un-Frighteningly Bad Ghost Stories is right for your child, consider the following content.

(Caution: Spoiler Alert!)


  • All three of these stories are told with a building sense of suspense and tension, but only to a point - all three conclude with funny, silly endings. For this reason, they may be better suited to children of a slightly older age than many of my other stories, as very young children may find the building tension too frightening.
  • In Granny Smith and the Sinister Thump: on a dark and stormy night, an old lady and her cat are terrified by a mysterious thumping noise. There is a great deal of tension built around the source of the sound, which ends up being quite mundane and silly.
  • In Revenge of the Two-Headed Man-Eating Cow: on a camping trip, a boy tries to scare his little sister by telling her a story about a two-headed, man-eating cow. In the boys' made-up story, the cow eats a farmer. Tension builds when the two children hear a cow mooing nearby and both believe it to be the two-headed, man-eating cow - it isn't, of course. There is a reference to someone 'peeing their pants' in fright.
  • In The Three Cakes of Edgar Delacorte: a man awakens to find three cakes on a table by his bed, accompanied by a mysterious note. The note says that one cake will bring great wealth, another great love and the third will bring death. Tension is built around Edgar choosing which cake to eat and the consequnces of each choice. At the end of the story, a very, very old man dies, presumably peacefully.

Topics to discuss with children:

  • What types of things scare you? Can you tell me a spooky story about something that scares you?
  • Do you prefer scary stories, funny stories or stories with a little bit of both?