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It was just a normal morning when Dad walked in. He scrunched up his eyes and he wiggled his nose and he took a big sniff and then he said, "Phee-ew! Something in this room STINKS!” But where was the terrible smell coming from? The answer might just make you laugh out loud. Learn more in this silly story full of giggles and surprises!

Written and read by Shan McFadden
Music by Kevin MacLeod

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For Parents and Teachers

To determine if Something in This Room Stinks! is right for your child, consider the following content.
(Caution: Spoiler Alert!)

  • several characters in this story are monsters or mythical creatures but none are portrayed in a threatening manner

Topics to discuss with children:

  • Have you ever smelled something strange and didn't know where it was coming from?  Did you ever discover the source of the smell?  What was it?